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The channel is designed to different badminton videos (events, competition techniques, training methods, interview, ...). Do not hesitate to ask the subjects of videos, or questions about badminton. Subscribe please, it's thanks to you that badminton will be more and more media attention! If you like my videos,LIKE and SHARE with your friends!! My name is Jame. I'm 18 and I play badminton in competition since I was 12. I would like that this sport become more famous. Badminton Passion: 1 SUBSCRIBERS: 10th February 2015 10 SUBSCRIBERS: 30th April 2015 100 SUBSCRIBERS: 25 December 2015 1000 SUBSCRIBERS : 1st January 2016 10 000 SUBSCRIBERS: 29th January 2017 100 000 SUBSCRIBERS: ??? 1 000 000 SUBSCRIBERS: ??? Just one thing, Please SUBSCRIBE! (it's free) And Support SOLIBAD:

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